Flash games source code

When a Flash game is published on a website the file which is loaded is known as an SWF (pronounced swif) file. This is the actual game which can be played in a browser, or offline. SWF files are very small and quick to load, making them ideal for the web, but they are non-editable.

Flash game source files on the other hand are known as FLA files (and also sometimes AS, or actionscript files). These are much larger, uncompressed files, and these are editable allowing you to customise them. These files however are not normally distributed, and are kept by the original developer to prevent their games being copied and duplicated.

My Viral Flash Games package includes the source code files (FLAs) to 10 great games, along with easy to follow video instructions and a PDF manual allowing anyone to edit them, rebrand them as their own, and quickly and easily create new versions of the games from the source code files.

How easy is it to edit Flash games source files?

The Viral Flash Games FLA files are designed to be incredibly easy to edit. In fact, by following my videos, even someone with no experience of Flash will be able to rebrand the games with their own logos and web site links in just a few minutes. Even changing in game sound and graphics, such as changing the logos, or reskinning the games with a color scheme to match your website, is quite simple and most people would be able to do that themselves with a little work.

Major changes such as fundamental changes to the gameplay, adding new levels, or adding custom score features are more advanced and a reasonable level of competence with Flash is required. If you don’t have the Flash skills yourself to make changes like these, just use my free video guide to outsourcing to quickly and cheaply have a freelance developer carry out the changes for you. They will modify the Flash games sources you provide, and send them back to you along with the published SWF game files ready to add to your site or blog, or to distrubute via your visitors by allowing them to add the games to their own sites!