9 Fantastic Flash Games with Full Source Code

Here’s what you get with Viral Flash Games:

  • 9 proven games, that I have personally used to drive over 100,000 visitors to my sites per month!
  • Editable Flash (Actionscript 3) game source files
  • Video tutorials showing you how to rebrand these games in under 5 minutes, even if you’re are complete beginner with Flash!
  • Rebrand or reskin the games and sell them to your clients!
  • Use the games as tools for learning how to develop your own Flash AS3 games.
  • Includes a Flash based iOS game with full source code, get your games onto the iPhone and iPad!
  • Modify the graphics, gameplay and more, and create brand new games using these as a starting point!
  • Get the complete Flash games source code to use as you wish
  • And much, much more…

To get a free preview of all 9 games, including the embed codes to add them to your own site right away simply enter your name and email and click the button…

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